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~Characters of Twin Flame~

Willow Mizuki

Age (first appearance): 15
Height: 5'6"
Birthday: 24th October 1992
Willow is in her fifth year of high school. She lives with her father,
who was born in Japan. Her mother died giving birth to her, so
Willow has no memory of her whatsoever. Her control of two
languages allowed her to become friends with Takumi in
primary school.
She’s too forgiving for her own good, not seeing much reason to hold a grudge. She’s stubborn, and not afraid to hold her own in an argument if she believes she’s right. Makes friends quickly as she isn’t afraid to talk to people, and tends to overlook the bad things about a person as she gets to know them. Also been told she needs to act more feminine. But overall, it's not something she's overly bothered about.

Takumi Ito

Age (first appearance): 15
Height: 5'10"
Birthday: 5th March 1993
Takumi is in Willow's class at school, and has been since year five
when he, his parents and sister moved over from Japan. He is loyal to his friends, and fiercely protective of Willow.
He is fun loving and light hearted, and loves making people laugh.
He's usually the person to settle a dispute by cracking a joke.


Age (first appearance): 15
Height: 5'9"
Birthday: 2nd May 1993
He's a happy-go-lucky guy. A little slow at some(most) points and is amused by very, small things. He loves being around people, and, for the most part, being the centre of attention. He's also very meticulous about his appearance.
+more info coming soon!+


Age (first appearance): 15
Height: 5'9"
Birthday:March 29th 1993
He's the kind of person that prefers to listen to a conversation intently than get involved with it, but will speak out when he feels he should. He's very active, and immensely enjoys running. He's generally sweet, and hates bad-mouthing anyone or giving criticism, though does enjoy a sarcastic comment once in a while.
+more info coming soon!+


Age (first appearance): 15
Height: 5'11"
Birthday: January 17th 1993
He is, according to a friend who captured his essence very well, a 'moody git'. He has his reasons for this, however. He doesn't function very well around people he's not familiar with, and tends to shut down. Contrary to what he seems like, he's very protective when it comes to people he cares about.
+more info coming soon!+

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